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“Neewalker" is the artist's rendition of the character Neewalker described in the book "The Softwire: Virus on Orbis 1" AND the game The Rings of Orbis by PJ Haarsma.  Part humanoid, part fish, weapons strapped to their oversize arms, antennas protruding from its skin through a collar that surrounds its bald white head the Neewalkers are surprisingly agile atop their mechanical stilts which they must use for legs.  Absent the mechanical stilts Neewalkers struggle to move on land but once in the water, its short, finned legs give them more agility and speed than they demonstrate on land.  May 2007
Size: 84”x36”x52”  
2007 December Winner in Game Informer magazine
Winner - 1st Place Sculpture Snowflake Art Show - Rocklin Ca  - February 9, 2008
Winner - Best of Show - Snowflake Art Show - Rocklin Ca  - February 9, 2008
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